quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2008

No clima olímpico!

A invasão dos orientais não para no blog Musclelicious!

Kang Kyung Won

Ade Rai

Oh Kyung Mo

Xing Xiaojie

Durante todo este mês de agosto, vamos preparar postagens especiais com os melhores fisiculturistas chineses e asiáticos.

Fique ligado, o melhor deste fantástico esporte está aqui !

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  1. isidrodesulcorreia8 de abril de 2009 19:30

    Kyungwon Kang is one of the only bodybuilders with big-sized pectoralis in South Korea, and he was Mr Korea 1999. He is in a gossip that he usually behaves too arrogant, also has a rumour that other bodybuilder hit him because of his rude behaviour.

    Kyungmo Oh is the only bodybuilder with impressive 6-packs, also was Mr Korea 2003. He also has a deep-rooted rumour of anabilic steroids using thanks to his impressive body figure,

    but many people say that he always gives an explanation to his acquaintances that he does not have any chance to shot the streroids, because he loves drinking the Siweon Soju everyday.(Soju is Korean alcohol, the Siweon Soju is a local brand in the Busan area.)

    Anyhow, Kungmo Oh says he never trains his abnominal muscles all the time of off-season and on, that means his abs are truly prenatal!